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Updated farm worker study supports regulators’ findings on 2,4-D

2,4-D Research Task Force Website Wins Prestigious “Best of Show” at NAMA

Health Canada concludes Special Review and determines 2,4-D is acceptable for continued use

Forbes: A UN Agency That Should Be Headed For Its Own Last 'Roundup'

June 2015 IARC Review of 2,4-D

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EPA Response to Concern for Schools Near Areas of Pesticide Use

USDA Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement on Enlist™ Corn and Soybeans

2,4-D Task Force II Response to NRDC Law Suit Filed on February 23, 2012

State Agriculture and Rural Leaders (SARL) Resolution on Invasive Species - January 8, 2012

Governments of Canada and Quebec reach NAFTA settlement regarding 2,4-D

Updated Task Force Response to NRDC Petition - August 4, 2010

Task Force Responds to NRDC Petition – February 23, 2009

Expert Survey Results: Media Coverage of Common Chemicals

Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data Comments on a Petition Seeking to Cancel 2,4-D and Revoke Tolerances

Health Canada Finds 2,4-D Can Be Used Safely

EPA Says No Special Review of 2,4-D Needed after Years of Research Data Prove it's Not a Human Carcinogen

Reviews by European Commission, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization confirm 2,4-D Not a Health Risk

2,4-D Completes EPA Review Process: Occupational and Residential Risks "Not of Concern"

Health Canada's PMRA issues re-evaluation on lawn and turf uses of 2,4-D