Reliable Benefits

Today, 2,4-D plays an important role protecting crops, reducing the risk of invasive and poisonous plants, protecting wildlife habitats, protecting infrastructure, and protecting lawn and turfgrass.

Food Production and Climate Change

2,4-D is trusted by farmers to maximize crop growth and efficiently produce more food per acre.

Protecting forests and habitats for species at risks

2,4-D plays an important role saving endangered species and promoting biodiversity. It is an important tool for managing poisonous invasive species which can threaten the habitats of endangered species.

Healthy Lawns

2,4-D plays an integral role in modern weed control.


Proven Record

2,4-D is one of the world’s most studied chemistries. More is known about 2,4-D and how it works than almost any other crop protection tool.

2,4-D is one of the world’s most studied chemistries.

If all of the academic studies on 2,4-D were stacked on top of one another,

They would be taller than Niagra falls.

2,4-D is a biodegradable compound.

It decomposes quickly in the environment.


Trusted by Regulators

For over 75 years, health agencies in over 90 countries around the world have been assessing and regulating 2,4-D, and they have consistently approved it for commercial use.

2,4-D is registered for use in

90+ countries worldwide


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Lawncare & Pets

You may apply 2,4-D on your own lawn or you may see it applied at a local park. In either case, you may have questions about whether your pets are secure. They are.

Preventing Spray Drift

Using crop protection tools comes with a lot of responsibilities. That includes always following the directions and precautions on the pesticide product’s container and following good stewardship practices.


In the News


The 2,4-D Research Task Force welcomes Lindsay Thompson as the new executive director. Mrs. Thompson brings extensive experience in government and public relations, and association management in agricultural and science-based organizations.

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Good Neighbors and Good Practices

The 2,4-D Research Task Force is pleased to partner with the American Soybean Association and the Arkansas State Plant Board in the production of a new video to encourage producers to have on target applications.

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About the task force

The Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data is made up of companies holding technical registrations on the active ingredient in 2,4-D herbicides. They are Corteva Agriscience (U.S.), Nufarm, Ltd. (Australia) and Agro-Gor Corp (U.S.).