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About 2,4-D

70 years ago, 2,4-D was discovered by Dr. Franklin D. Jones, who was looking for a solution to control poison ivy because his children were highly sensitive. Visit “What is 2,4-D” to learn more about Dr. Jones and 2,4-D.

Today, after 7 decades of scientific study, 2,4-D is approved for use in more than 90 countries with over 100 label uses. There are over 1,500 products that have 2,4-D registered as the active ingredient because of its effectiveness and some of the fewest resistances of any herbicide. To learn more about the safety standards and the re-evaluation process 2,4-D regularly goes through, visit “Is 2,4-D Safe?” and “What do Regulators Say?

2,4-D is also not only the world’s most studied herbicide, but the world’s most studied chemical. With more than 40,000 studies, 2,4-D is such a well-known chemical that scientists use it as a standard to judge the performance of their own evaluation methods and practices.

Did You Know?

In 2004 The Henry Ford organization in Michigan identified 2,4-D as one of the 75 most important innovations in the previous 75 years.

Did You Know?

If all the studies on 2,4-D were stacked on top of each other, they would stand taller than Niagara Falls!