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Forestry Management to Control Undesirable Species

Herbicides became the vegetation management tool most widely applicable for forestry use because of their efficacy, safety, and low cost.

Traditional mechanical methods of weeding forests are dangerous to workers, costly, and labor-intensive. They require cutting tools, heavy mechanical equipment, and heavy fuel usage.

2,4-D is an important tool for stump treatment, trunk injection and selective control of brush in conifer forests.

It is also a component of numerous mixtures for site preparation.

2,4-D is also used for many other purposes in forested areas, including trail preservation, management of wildlife habitat, campground clearance and weed control near outbuildings.

An ongoing study that began in 1994 shows that in forests where vegetation is controlled with herbicides, trees grow faster, bigger, and have larger root systems.
Watch the video “2,4-D and Forestry” to learn more!