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Eliminating Invasive, Noxious and Non-Native Weeds

2,4-D reduces the risk invasive species present to people and the environment. It promotes environmental values such as endangered species protection and sustainability, especially where crop production and management are concerned.

Noxious weed is a legal term used by county, state and federal agencies to denote invasive or non-native plants that pose serious threats to agriculture, native species, wildlife and roadsides. Since these plants often are not native, these invasive species have no natural competitors to keep them from overtaking the native environment. Noxious weeds destroy wildlife habitat and forage, threaten endangered species and native plants, increase soil erosion and groundwater loss, and block recreational opportunities.

Did You Know?

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that some $120 billion in damages can be linked to invasive plants.

Did You Know?

Because of the rapid growth rate of invasive species, Federal Agencies in the United States are faced with the challenge of acquiring 350% more acres of invasive weeds annually than they are able to treat and restore.