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Safeguarding Personal Lawns from Noxious Weeds and Allergens

2,4-D, used in accordance with label directions, allows homeowners to enjoy their lawn free of invasive weeds and allergens. The selective herbicide targets only broadleaf weeds, leaving turf grass attractive and unharmed.

Homeowner use of 2,4-D is traditionally employed in lower concentration formulas to remove unwanted weeds such as dandelions, plantain, clover and chickweed. Most garden stores stock a selection of products to control weeds, and products containing 2,4-D are the most commonly used choice for weed control. In some instances, companies that supply this market, mix the herbicide with a fertilizer which provides a convenient method of application.

Some reports suggest the use of 2,4-D on lawns causes canine malignant lymphoma. However, multiple studies conclude that there is no correlation between 2,4-D and canine malignant lymphoma. Furthermore, regulatory agencies around the world confirm that 2,4-D is not an animal carcinogen. Visit the Ask a Question page to see some more discussion on pets and lawn care.


Did You Know?

In 1945, a development program was conducted with the United States Golf Association on turf grass of the National Capital Park Service including the White House lawn. The purpose of the development program was to demonstrate how herbicides control weeds giving turf grass a chance to grow into a healthy lawn, a vibrant landscape or a cushioned playing field.