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May 16, 2008


Health Canada Finds 2,4-D Can Be Used Safely


OTTAWA, May 16, 2008 – Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) concluded its re-evaluation of the popular herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), finding that the herbicide can be used safely according to label directions for a variety of lawn, turf and agricultural applications.

“Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency, Re-evaluation Decision (2,4-Dichlorophenoxy)acetic Acid [2,4-D], RVD2008-11. May 16, 2008.”

In issuing the decision, the PMRA stated in its Information Note, “Health Canada also consulted an independent Science Advisory Panel comprised of government and university experts/researchers in toxicology, epidemiology and biology. The Panel agreed with Health Canada’s assessment that 2,4-D can be used safely when used according to label directions, with some uses requiring additional protective measures.”

Jim Gray, executive director of the Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data, said, “After reviewing an unprecedented depth of scientific data and expert panel reviews regarding the impact 2,4-D may have on children, adults, animals and the environment, Health Canada determined the herbicide meets all of Canada’s pesticide health and safety regulations, which are among the toughest and most stringent in the world.”

“These most recent findings by the PMRA are consistent with previous decisions made by authorities including the World Health Organization, European Commission, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and recent studies by the U.S. National Cancer Institute that deem 2,4-D to be a valuable and useful herbicide that does not pose human health or environmental risks when used according to label instructions,” Gray added. This conclusion supports the 2005 and 2007 draft assessments issued by PMRA which found that 2,4-D can be used safely on lawn, turf, agricultural, forestry and industrial sites, when label directions are followed.

Download PDF: Health Canada’s decision and other resources pertaining to 2,4-D