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Maximizing Safety for Motorists along Roadways, Railroads and
Right-of-Way Corridors

2,4-D helps control weeds and brush along roadways, railroads, and power lines.

Highway safety is improved with vegetation management using 2,4-D. This improves motorist safety by controlling encroaching weeds and brush that can affect driver visibility by concealing road signs and wildlife.

Safety is also essential in railroad transportation which involves heavy equipment moving at high speeds. Weeds threaten derailments by reducing train traction in addition to concealing damaged equipment during routine inspections. Overgrown vegetation can cause drainage problems that can potentially lead to deteriorating ties and destabilized track beds.

Vegetation management along power line right-of-ways is critical to ensure brush does not cause power outages. Power utilities across the country include the use of 2,4-D in their brushing programs to keep trees clear of lines.

Damage to public infrastructure costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year. Invasive weeds crack, buckle, and erode road surfaces as well as walkways, or block power line right-of-ways. 2,4-D is an important tool to manage and protect public infrastructure, thereby saving tax dollars.