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1)   To see a full listing of publications and articles used to create our site visit our Reference Section

2)   To get the largest number of search results, use the Keywords search.
Ex. Keywords: Herbicide

3)   To narrow your search results, you may fill in multiple search fields. Results will match both criteria.
Ex. Keywords: Herbicide
Year: 2008

4)   If you enter many terms into one search field you will get results that match either criteria. Just separate them with a space.
Ex. Field of Research: Toxicology Epidemiology

5)   You can combine Tip 3 and Tip 4. The example below will return all references of herbicide, for any of the four years.
Ex. Keywords: Herbicide
Year: 2008 2009 2010 2011

6)   To search by study name, put quotation marks (“) around phrases you want to keep together Ex. “Re-evaluation Update 2,4-D” will return only this exact title. Without the quotation marks, Re-evaluation Update 2,4-D it will return any instance of Re-evaluation, Update, or 2,4-D

Have you published on
2,4-D but are not yet in this database?

If you would like a peer-reviewed article on 2,4-D that meets our publishing criteria included on this research portal, please contact us at