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Creating Healthy Grasses and Soft Turf for Traction and Safety

Millions of acres of lawn and landscapes around homes, businesses, roadsides, parks, athletic fields, and golf courses improve our quality of life by providing open spaces, recreation facilities, enhanced property values and the conservation of important natural resources.

2,4-D promotes healthy turf grass, which filters groundwater, absorbs pollutants, hinders the spread of fire and acts as a cooling agent around buildings while also providing space for outdoor activities, allowing individuals to enjoy green spaces.

2,4-D, used in accordance with label directions, allows homeowners to enjoy their lawn free of invasive weeds and allergens. The selective herbicide targets only broadleaf weeds, leaving turf grass attractive and unharmed.

Did You Know?

In 1945, a development program was conducted with the United States Golf Association on turf grass of the National Capital Park Service including the White House lawn. The purpose of the development program was to demonstrate how herbicides control weeds giving turf grass a chance to grow into a healthy lawn, a vibrant landscape or a cushioned playing field.